18V Cordless Drill Reviews

Check out our reviews of the latest 18V cordless drill models available today. We like to look at the details of each model.

What should you look for in an 18v cordless drill?

The types of features we like to look for are:

  • Selectable speeds and clutch
  • Quick charging batteries
  • Keyless chucks
  • A balanced feel
  • Snappy power

These are the main things, at least. If a drill has many or all of these qualities we get interested very quickly.

Of course, you will have your own specific needs when buying a drill. If you are not sure what to look for, try to find a drill that has Lithium Ion batteries and a balanced feel. If it’s and 18v drill it will have plenty of power, so you shouldn’t need to worry too much about comparing power capabilities. They all drill real good. And that is about as technical as you may actually need to, get surprisingly enough, in regards to power.

Batteries that charge quickly and last a long time will come in very handy – and to fulfill that requirement you really should try to find a drill that has Lithium Ion batteries. Nearly all brands have models with these types of batteries. They may cost a little more, but it way worth it. Being able to charge a battery in 15 minutes can come in very handy. And also, being able to know that your batteries will hold charges during long storage periods is also nice.