Bosch GBA18V63 CORE18V Battery

Bosch’s New 18V Batteries

Bosch has released a new 18V battery technology that looks promising in terms of extending battery life, increasing power, and decreasing weight. This seems like a good progression forward for battery tech. The Bosch CORE18V Battery offers maximum power and performance while minimizing weight, an achievement that proves its claim as the best-built battery among […]

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SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw 8

Best Portable Table Saws of 2016

There are multiple, good portable table saws on the market right now. The saws currently available have a wide range of prices, quality and features. Some of these portable table saws are designed to be the best of the best. Some are designed to be solid for budget users. Some are more geared for contractors […]

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SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 Portable Worm Drive Table Saw 7

Portable Table Saw Buyer’s Guide for 2016

When you buy a modern, portable table saw, you may be overwhelmed by some of the options at first. It won’t take long to clear the fog, though, and get a better understanding of what to look for and compare. Just read through this guide to see what things you should look at when buying […]

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wood scrap board

Scrap the Scrap?

The plight of woodworking: what do you do with that leftover wood? It is hard for a woodworker to let go. “There has to be something I can use this for.” One often says. Unfortunately, space (and spouse) may suggest (or declare) that it is time to let go. But, how do you know the right time to […]

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sanding block

5 Woodworking Tips for the Beginner Hobbyist

The greatest thing about woodworking is that any person at any level of knowledge can get involved, learn the skills, and produce unique items in which they can be proud of. So while we often produce content that is geared towards our veteran woodworkers — articles about advanced skills and tools — we shouldn’t forget […]

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Woodworking: A Form of Therapy

Many people who do not divulge themselves into the art of woodworking think that it is just a job performed to make furniture, frames, statues, etc. Like many other forms of art, these people do not understand the time and patience that comes with this hobby; that it can be used to clear the mind and work […]

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woodworking in action

Safety Recalls on Woodworking Tools

No one is perfect, and tool making companies are no exception. Sometimes a design flaw makes it through even the most rigorous testing only to show up once the product is on the shelf–or in your workshop. Here is a list of some of the most recent power tool recalls and how to handle them […]

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Carpenter using chisel

A Power Tool Safety Lesson From Alexander the Great

While the popularity of a manly beard has waxed and waned throughout history, there will always be those who buck whatever the current fashion trends happen to be, in favor of thick and lengthy facial hair. When it comes to working with power tools, proper technique and taking proper precautions can mean the difference between […]

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Reclaimed wood boards

Interesting Facts about Woodworking You Never Knew

Think you know everything there is about woodworking? Most woodworkers are up to date on the latest woodworking news, but here are some interesting and obscure facts about woodworking even the most seasoned workers might now know! The Biscuit Joiner, still stronger than dowels! Invented by a carpenter by the name of Herman Steiner in […]

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